Things to Do After Landing in Canada

Things to Do After Landing in Canada

As your time to finally land in Canada is approaching, your stress level must be at the peak about what to do after you land in Canada. Moving to Canada either as a student or as a work resident can be the biggest dream of a person’s life but the fun can be ruined if you don’t know how to proceed. To avoid any confusion regarding the same, ensure that you have already connected with the best Canada immigration consultant to understand more about the process.

Must-Do Things after Landing in Canada

Here are the mandatory things to do right after landing in Canada:

  • Confirm the Canadian Residency at Airport
  • As soon as you land in Canada, the immigration officer will perform general queries and confirm your COPR or Confirmation of Permanent Residency. Since it comes with an expiry date, do not delay the process.

  • Get the Social Insurance Number (SIN) Card
  • Just after landing in Canada, apply for the SIN card. The card will hold a 9 digit number that will be further used to label you as a citizen of the country. For the immigrants who have landed in Canada with temporary work permits, you shall need the SIN card for accessing government programs and perks like Employment Insurance. It is an easy process and application can be done online or through the nearest Canada Service Office. The documents needed will be:

    • ➔ Valid work/study permit in Canada
    • ➔ Valid passport / driver’s license/ Government issued ID card
    • ➔ Address Proof
  • Get Student’s ID card
  • If you are in Canada as a student on a student’s visa, you must collect the student ID just after the SIN card. With this ID card you can access several facilities like cyber cafe and library and you would even need it to get to your university. While visiting the university, do not forget your acceptance letter and photo ID proof.

  • Mobile SIM Card
  • The next thing on the checklist is to get a Canadian Sim card. TELUS, Rogers and BELL are the best options for telecommunication in Canada. However companies like Virgin Canada, Koodo Canada and Fido are cheaper alternatives.

  • Accommodation
  • Rent a house for yourself. If you are on a student’s visa, your university may provide you with accommodation. If you have relatives or friends you can slide into their place. Otherwise, you can look for residence on Canadian websites like Rent Canada, Rent Board or Kijiji.

  • Opening a Bank Account
  • It is crucial to open a bank account otherwise you won’t be able to manage any bills or transact in Canada. You would need the SIN card, visa and passport for opening a bank account.

  • Visit the Canadian Settlement Office
  • A unique initiative from the Canadian government is the Canadian Settlement Service. The government supported immigration service providers in Canada will help you find a suitable residence and also render several other help for the newcomers to settle in Canada.

  • Health Card
  • To receive several accessible medical facilities from the health services of your province, you need the health card. It will also be useful for opting for the health insurance or health care benefits from your university or work place.

If you are a child guardian, apply for the state offered child care benefits

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