Right Time for Canada PR Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Right Time for Canada PR Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The Covid pandemic has disrupted travel worldwide, and Canada is not left out either. The country imposed several travel restrictions in March 2020 to curtail the spread of infection. In spite of this, the Canadian residency applications were processed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This was done to attract deserving and qualified individuals to migrate to Canada and prepare the country for economic recovery.

Canadian immigration need is not recent. Canada was already planning to accept growing numbers of new immigrants per year even prior to the pandemic, and employers and business leaders called for more aggressive immigration policies. The reason being, Canada has a large elderly population that creates shortages of labor. The Covid pandemic just exacerbated the need for more talent.

A survey conducted by World Education Services (WES) in June 2020 shows that more people are enthusiastic about immigrating to Canada in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. 45% of the respondents showed a willingness to move to Canada, as compared to the earlier survey held in April 2020 where it was 35%. The percentage of respondents who believe that Canada’s economy is better when compared to their home country is 58%.

The pandemic has encouraged the immigrants, even more, to migrate to Canada. Let’s discuss some key factors which indicate why this is the right time for Canadian immigration.

1. Immigration to remain a top priority

Due to the country’s low birth rate and high retirement rates, it faces enormous shortages of skilled labour. These prevailing issues existed before Covid-19, and it is predicted that in the near future, the situation maybe even worse. Immigration is considered to play a key role in the recovery of the economy in the post-Corona phase. The Canadian government has indicated that immigration will remain a top priority post-pandemic.

2. Rising demand for skilled manpower

Every sector suffered a setback due to the Covid-19 outbreak and there was massive employment loss. In order to recover in the post-pandemic phase, almost every industry in Canada would require skilled labor even more than before. This has created a huge demand for skilled immigrants.

Most economic immigration initiatives are aimed at bringing qualified labor to Canada. This skilled labor force would be able to fill the shortcomings and create enduring careers that contribute to the Canadian economy.

3. Strict US immigration laws

A major shift is noticed in the way the migrants have chosen the destination countries in recent times. Lately, the US immigration laws are rendered rather stringent for foreign qualified workers in US companies. The number of applicants for US visas has decreased, meanwhile, the number of Canada PR is seeing tremendous growth.

With the ongoing pandemic, millions of American workers lost their employment. Strict changes were made in the US visa laws, making immigration to the US a difficult process. This was done in order to employ the Americans who were left jobless during the pandemic. This move resulted in many immigrants losing their jobs in the United States and willing to move to Canada. As a result, the number of people applying for Canada PR visa saw tremendous growth.

4. Target high number of immigrants

To reduce the adverse economic and monetary impacts of its low birth rate and aging population, Canada maintains large scale immigration. By welcoming more immigrants to stimulate labor and economic growth, it is possible to alleviate these issues.

The country is targeting the highest number of immigration in Canada’s history. Over the next three years, i.e. by 2023, the plan is to accept over 1.2 million immigrants.

5. Canada is a welcoming country

Canada is the most preferred destination when we talk about immigration. The country has the highest per-capita immigration rates. Here, people migrate from all over the world, belonging to various cultures, maintain their identity, religious practices, and live in harmony. The country is known for its inclusivity and diversity.

TThe country’s economy is popularly service-oriented, thus attracting skilled manpower from across the world. It also has the best healthcare and education system, and is considered one of the safest countries. Being a progressive nation, it has several policies that are favorable to its residents and makes it a preferred choice for immigrants.

The urban cities namely Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal have a huge number of immigrants. However, other provinces like Ontario and Quebec too have seen an upward trend. The work, leisure, and education options here are among the best in the country.

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