Process of dependent visa for Canada PR

Process of dependent visa for Canada PR

In the immigrant population, Canada is a well-known country. Through its accommodating immigration laws, the country’s federal government has made it easier for migrants from all over the world to work, live, and settle in Canada.

The Canadian government is focused on keeping families united. The Family Class Dependent Visa for Canada allows Canadian citizens and PR card holders aged 18 and over to sponsor their dependent parents, children, spouses, grandparents, conjugal partners, and common-law partners.

To sponsor an individual via the Dependent Visa for Canada program, a sponsor must submit financial records from the previous 12 months to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This will help IRCC to decide whether the sponsor can afford to support the individuals he or she is sponsoring.

Who can be sponsored?

Dependent Visa for Canada allows below mentioned individuals to be sponsored:

  • A baby you adopted from outside Canada while living in Canada as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • A baby you would like to adopt in the country
  • Your spouse/conjugal partner/common-law partner
  • Dependent parents/grandparents
  • Dependent children whose age is less than 21 years
  • Your orphaned brother/sister, niece/nephew, grandson/granddaughter who is under the age of 18 and has no spouse/conjugal partner/common-law partner

Sponsored family members will be able to reside with you in the country. Your spouse or conjugal partner may also submit an application for a work permit if he/she wants to work there.

Child Visa Eligibility Criteria

You can sponsor a child by fulfilling the conditions mentioned below:

  • The child should be under the age of 21 and have no spouse/conjugal partner/common-law partner Listening
  • The sponsor's dependent child has to be his or her biological or adopted child
  • The child must establish that he is financially dependent on the sponsor/parent
  • There is no age limit for dependent children who are unable to sustain themselves owing to a physical or mental illness
  • The sponsor must provide evidence of his/her relationship with the children who are financially dependent on him/her
  • Sponsored children must undertake a medical test to provide evidence that they are not involved in any criminal proceedings
  • Sponsored children must undertake a medical test to provide evidence that they are not involved in any criminal proceedings.
  • The medical assessment must be performed by a Canadian government-approved physician

Necessary documents for a dependent visa

The following documents are required to sponsor a dependent under the Canada Dependent Visa:

  • Passport details and travel history
  • Background documentation
  • Documentation as a proof for a spouse or partner, such as a marriage certificate
  • Other evidence of relationship
  • Proof of income of sponsor to prove ample funds
  • Duly filled application and consulate fees

Steps involved in sponsoring dependents

ypically, sponsoring your dependent is a 5 step process as explained under:
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Check your eligibility To be eligible for sponsorship, both you and your sponsor should read, comprehend, and sign the agreement/declaration

Submit an application Take the time to make sure your documentation and request file are well-presented, informative, and provide evaluators with a complete picture of your application’s intent. In absence of records, unsigned or incomplete documents, your application has a high chance of being rejected.

InterviewsAn interview with Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) may take place in person or over the phone. The aim of the interview is to test each individual’s understanding of the relationships, in order to decide if a relationship is authentic.

BiometricsCIC will take your fingerprints, picture, and signature for records.

Final decisionsOnce the visa is accepted, the sponsored individual is granted a specific time period, usually between 6 and 12 months, from the date of the agreement to move to Canada.

Canada Dependent Visa

The process of securing permanent residency for children with a Dependent Visa for Canada is divided into two stages. Firstly, the sponsor should apply for the sponsorship of dependents. The Case Processing Centre (CPC) of Canada processes this application. After the sponsorship is accepted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the dependent visa holder should apply for Canada PR.

From beginning to end, sponsorship applications take around a year to process. Depending on the conditions specific to your case, the process may take longer. If your case is complex or further evidence of your relationship is needed by the visa office, your case will be postponed and will take longer to process.

For spousal sponsorship proceedings, immigration interviews are the exception rather than the norm. However, spousal sponsorship visa interviews are more common in cases where there is a lack of evidence to support documentation, conflicting details on application vs documents, the difference in age or religion, etc.

Even though visa officer has the final say about whether or not to interview a couple, hiring a trained immigration attorney will help you plan your request in the best possible condition and respond to questions they might have about the legitimacy of your relationship.

Summing up

As a country dedicated to family reunification and holding dear ones united, Canada provides a variety of immigration programs that enable Canadians to sponsor their families to immigrate to the country. The Canada Dependent Visa encourages you to get your dependents to the country and allows them to study or work if they have the requisite documents.

With expertise in the Canadian visa application process, Arise Immigration Consultant can assist you with your dependent visa for Canada. Moving your family to another country is a delicate process, and our team of professionals has the knowledge and skills to guide you through it.

We provide our clients with the finest immigration services and keep them updated with the latest and necessary information about different facets of the immigration process. This helps them to make well-informed decisions.

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