Importance of Education for Canada PR

Importance of Education for Canada PR

Amongst several potential destinations for studying abroad, Canada is becoming the best choice for students. Several advantages are associated with studying in Canada. Let’s have a glance at what is the importance of education for Canada PR. As the Top Canada PR Immigration Consultants in Ahmedabad.

1. Provides an opportunity to live in a bilingual environment

Canada is a bilingual country. People studying here get an opportunity to exist in an environment providing an understanding of two languages namely English and French. This elevates your chances of getting a job in Canada. Moreover, the education system of Canada requires you to go for coursework in English and French. This not only builds your language but enhances your community and cultural life too.

2. Degrees from Canadian colleges are recognized worldwide

Education system in Canada is such that it helps inculcate multidisciplinary skills and develops essential skills like critical thinking, communication skills, leadership, etc. While studying in Canada students develop technical skills too. So that becomes an added advantage for them in their professional life too.
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3. Work programs are offered to students after graduation

Canadian government offers work program to students who have qualified from a post-secondary curriculum in Canada. This counts to be a perfect way to continue living in Canada and broaden your chances of getting or extending a Canada PR in future.

4. Affordable cost of living seasoned with a quality life

Cost of living in Canada is much lower as compared to other countries like the US, the UK, Australia, etc. Transportation, housing, education, etc are available at affordable cost. Moreover, Canada is much safer than other countries. People here respect for the rights of every other individual. Professionals here tend to attain stability earlier.

5. High class education

Among the top 50 student cities, three Canadian cities Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are the best Canadian cities for education. Reason being the affordability, the diverse culture and widespread opportunities for graduates. Canadian degrees are accepted in every corner of the world.

6. Canada is a land rich in scenic beauty

Canada has mesmerizing landscapes which serve as a treat for eyes. All four seasons provide a different colour to the country. Although the winters are quite chilling, but it’s the golden time for skiers and ice skaters. To count a few the Niagara falls in Ontario, the Pristine beaches of Prince Edward Island and many more. From sea to mountain every stretch of Canada is blessed with ultimate beauty.

7. Enjoy a land of diverse culture

People living in Canada enjoy a diverse culture owing to the diverse population of students coming from different parts of the world. Some of the best cultural events are as follows:

  • Montreal music festival match-During the month of May, national hockey matches are played. Canada has seven international hockey teams ( Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa).
  • Calgary Stampede-Attracting more than 1 million visitors from around the world, Calgary Stampede is one of the biggest outdoor rodeos in the world. During this festival, the residents of Canada are dressed as cowboys, shops are decorated with western theme. Pancakes and barbecue breakfasts are served almost everywhere in the city.
  • Poutine week Poutine is a mix of French fries, gravy and curd cheese. This is enjoyed by tourists and locals every time. Canadians hold a poutine week once year.
  • Sugar shack –Visit to a sugar snack is a treat in itself. From mid-March to mid- April takes place the sugaring-off season in Quebec. During this season, maple syrup is extracted by harvesting of maple water or commonly known as syrup. This sugaring-off season is none less than a festival including eating, dancing and enjoying up to the fullest.
  • The Bottom Line

    Hence, it’s clear that for students, Canada is a place providing not only high-class education, but a rich and diverse culture too. Not only this, students can later gain work experience in their desired fields too. On one hand, degrees from Canadian colleges and universities are recognized worldwide, while, on the other hand, there are several cultural events happening all round the year. Consequently, students enjoy not only quality education, but a diverse culture too. And not to forget the scenic beauty too.

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