How to Get Eligible for Canadian Citizenship?

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Canada offers one of the most liberal policies for immigration. They have an open citizenship policy and this approach attracts people across the globe to settle down and carry on with their work or business in Canada. Every year thousands of people from across the world decide to become permanent residents of Canada.

The progressive policies of the Canadian government and the fine work environment of the country act as magnets to attract reputed people. Canada Visa Consultants can help you get Canadian citizenship with zero hassles.

Canadian Citizenship Eligbility

Though Canada is an extremely progressive country, there still exist some bare minimum requirements to be eligible for Canadian Citizenship. Most of these eligibility criteria are quite lenient. Let us have a look at some of them that are mandatory for express entry eligibility:

  • Be a permanent resident of Canada: must be a permanent resident that has a PR card to apply for a Candian Citizenship.
  • Pay Taxes if Applicable: you are involved with a work sector that needs you to pay taxes, then filing taxes within time and documenting them is a crucial prerequisite to obtaining Canadian Citizenship. It is important to pay the taxes in Canada for 3 years least before you can apply for citizenship in Canada. Even if you have not stayed for the entire year and only stayed for a part of it, it is still a requirement to pay the taxes
  • Physical Presence Requirement: One has to meet the physical presence requirement of the Canadian government to be eligible for Canadian Citizenship: It is mandatory for a person to live for 3 years that is at least 1095 days in Canada before they can apply for a Canadian Citizenship.
  • Canadian Citizenship Test: If you are in the age group 18-54, then you have to pass a Canadian citizenship test. This is basically a 30 minutes test. In this test, the applicant has to answer some multiple-choice questions that will assess the applicant’s basic knowledge about Canadian history, administration, basic rights and duties of Canadian Citizens, and so on.
  • Language Skills Test: If you are between the ages group 18-54, you also have to pass the language skills test. This test is meant to assess the English or French language skills of a person for the government to declare them as eligible for being a Canadian resident. It can evaluate various aspects of language such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing capabilities.

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Ineligibility Factors

There are certain factors that might disqualify your Canadian Citizenship and bar you from getting new citizenship. These ineligibility factors are the ground on which the Canadian government may deny granting citizenship to certain individuals. Let us have a look at these:

  • If the candidate does not meet the minimum number of residence days in Canada then they may be denied Canadian citizenship
  • If the candidates cannot speak English or French they will not be granted Canadian citizenship
  • If the candidate cannot produce any legal proof of residency in Canada
  • If they fail to qualify for the citizenship test or cannot sustain across the citizenship granting interview they will be subjected to

Apart from these general factors, there are a few legal and criminal issues that might also prevent a candidate from obtaining a Canadian citizenship

  • If the Canadian government has taken away the citizenship from candidates in the past 5 years, the candidate is not eligible for a Canadian Citizenship.
  • If a candidate has any record of a criminal offense in the last 3 years
  • If the Canadian government has issued a removal order against a candidate they cannot get a citizenship grant
  • If a candidate has an ongoing investigation against them on charges of any war crime or a crime against humanity or for violation of any basic civil duties, they may be prevented from a Canadian Citizenship

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