How did Canada’s new immigrant land in 2021?

Everything about Canada Immigration Level Plan 2022-24

Are you planning to migrate to Canada? If yes then there are a few important things that you need to know to get the best outcomes. You need to know about how immigrants have landed in Canada in 2021 which was an era of post-pandemic situations. This can be well-understood by contacting Canada immigration consultants. In this article you will read about how did Canada's new immigrants land in 2021.

Some Data of Immigration level in 2021

The immigration landings for the next three years is as follows:-

  • As per the data received by the IRCC the immigration level in 2021 was targeted to land 405,303 new permanent citizens.
  • This number is decided to aim to assist Canada and help the country in generating more funds and proceed towards pandemic financial restoration.
  • In the year 2020, Canada was only able to welcome 184,000 immigrants. Due to this, there was a huge decline in population growth. It was the lowest since the First World War.

Steps Taken by IRCC to land more immigrants in 2021

To increase the number of immigrants IRCC took certain measures, some of which are as follows:-

  • In 2021, the IRCC or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada targeted towards providing more PR status to temporary residents of Canada. They were doing this just to fulfil their target.
  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) believed that this is a smart idea to achieve their target amid covid-19 travel restrictions and other pandemic associated demanding situations.
  • IRCC conducted Express Entry Draws that led to a hike in the number of entrants from the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). This Canada PR express entry programme had an added advantage for attracting more people.
  • IRCC introduced six immigration streams which led to the entry of around 1 lakh

The various steps which the Canadian government took to bring on more permanent residents from within the country were successful and led to an increase in the immigration levels.

Different Pathways for immigration to Canada-

As discussed earlier that 60 % of new immigrants will arrive under economic class. For them, the pathways would be:-

  • Express entry – This programme aims to invite approximately 111,500 immigrants by the end of 2022.
  • Provincial Nominee Programme – This is the major programme for economic class immigrants with IRCC. Around 83500 immigrants are expected to be invited under this programme.
  • Temporary to Permanent residence stream (TR2PR)- Under this programme, around 40000 immigrants are expected to land in 2022.

Some Points Worth considering

  • To migrate to Canada and get Canada PR the process remains the same and the applicants need to fulfil the eligibility criteria for Canada PR.
  • The process can be well understood by any Canada immigration consultancy which provide adequate information about Canada PR eligibility, Canada Immigration PR, Canada PR Visa prerequisites, Canada PR visa process, Express entry requirements, Canada immigration Visa and much more.
  • They also provide information for Canada PR process for Indians.

The Real Picture of Immigration in 2021

A large number of immigrants in Canada arrive below economic class programs. Before the pandemic, around 30 per cent of applicants were from Canada itself. While 70 per cent arrived from abroad. The number was just reversed in the year 2021, with 70 per cent coming from Canada and 30 per cent were coming from overseas locations. Around 60,115 people who were permanent residents landed as refugees and protected individuals in Canada. This was much below the level plan goal of 65000 human beings. This turned into 15 per cent of all new landings which was again 1 per cent below the targeted plan i.e. 16 per cent.

In the year 2021, the IRCC came in with the perception that it might need to depend on CEC in order to attain its 401,000 target. But it only landed on 8320 people in the year 2021 under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). Approximately 252,975 permanent citizens landed underneath the economic class. This works out to 62 percent of all I.e., 62 percent immigrants landed in 2021. This is much higher figure than what was the target as per the 2021 level plan. The good news is that in the year 2021 the Canadian government welcomed around 20,000 or more economic class immigrants which was more than what they aimed for. The family class only accounted for about 20 per cent and this was again below their set target of 20 percent.

It must be noted that IRCC is yet to fulfil its target and land the majority of some 90,000 human beings that enrolled in the program 2021. It is also important to remember that spouse and companions are the important members of leading group of family class landings.

In the year 2021 the country easily exceeded its immigration target by securing 405,303 new entrants. The most recent data from IRCC suggests processing of FSWP applications has gone higher from the month of December. The IRCC now finalizing applications on an average of 800 FSWP applications.

As per the immigration ranges plan 2022-2024 Canada is focused on bringing 411,000 in the year 2022. This gives us an insight into how Canada is always ready to welcome people, which not only helps the entrants shape their career but assists in developing a better economy for Canada.

So if you are also planning to become a Canadian citizen then it is better for you to get help from a professional and experienced Canada visa consultant who are in the immigration business sector. They are the ones who can offer you great tips and advice. They will provide you all the relevant details and up to date information so that you can prepare yourself well in advance.

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