Future of Permanent Residency for Canada

Future of Permanent Residency for Canada

The COVID 19 pandemic has almost shut down the scope for immigration for almost all world countries. Shifting to another country has not only become tedious, but some countries have even closed their borders to immigrants. However, with the subsiding intensity of the pandemic, the immigration process is back on stream, and now all you need is a good immigration consultant to help you get a visa to Canada.

Canada has successfully remained one of the most attractive destinations for people across the globe to set up their businesses. Thus, every year, thousands of people from every corner of the world migrate to this new country and opt for its permanent residence. Canada had highly liberal immigration policies. However, the pandemic chained the policies partially. But the good news is that the country has resumed accepting immigrants, and a spike in the number of expected immigrants will soon be seen. If you want to know more about obtaining a visa to Canada, connect with reputed Canada Visa Consultants.

How is the Immigration Process Resuming in Canada?

For Canada, immigration is one of the primary sources of increasing the population and economic growth of the country. Canada mainly welcomes new permanent residents to the country through economic channels. Also, the immigrants to Canada are more or less business-oriented.

The Canadian government has set up multiple immigration programs based on an applicant's economic status and current employment details. These immigrations are of economic motive and are assessed accordingly. Usually, under the guidance of good Canada immigration consultants in Ahmedabad, you can quickly encounter all the laws and rules regarding such economic immigration. The process is relatively hassle-free.

Not only to conduct business, but many people from across the world also apply to become permanent residents of Canada to work there under various Multi-National Companies and gigantic business houses. In these cases, individual work permits need to be obtained. There are specific clauses for obtaining the business permit and work permits in Canada. Needless to mention that the policies for obtaining Canada pr visas are pretty liberal.

Various immigration programs extended by the Canadian Government for the immigrants are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trade Worker Class

All of these are collectively grouped as Express Entry System. There is also a program termed Temporary Foreign Worker and International Mobility Programs, which are crucial for permanent residents in Canada.

The promising landscape of the Canadian Immigration Plans set up y the government is indeed alluring. The plan has an overwhelming strategy to welcome a vast number of immigrants in the year 2022 - 2024. This will be the highest number of immigrant approval ever targeted by the Canadian Government.

Many applicants are waiting to be approved as permanent residents of Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker Pool. For every individual planning for immigration to Canada and a permanent residentship, it is essential to know about the government's newly introduced National Occupational Classification (NOC) policy. The government has classified all the professions in Canadian economic canvass, and the immigration approvals or grants will be released based on this policy. This improvised NOC is a diplomatic policy to filter out candidates’ entrance through the Express Entry Pool. At the same time, the government also aims to spread the benefits of Canadian Immigration through various platforms.

With the world becoming normal again, Canada looks forward to immigration as an effective solution to improve the economic conditions in 2022. The government has reinforced many favorable and liberal changes in the immigration policies to broaden the horizon for aspirants of Canadian Permanent Residence. Connect with a reputable immigration consultant to know more about the updates before applying for permanent immigration to Canada. Canada indeed has the potential to give wings to your dreams.

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