Future in Canada post Permanent Residency

Future in Canada post Permanent Residency

Canada is sometimes referred to as a “paradise for immigrants”. The country continues to astound the world by growing its yearly immigrant intake. Its accommodating nature, a booming economy, and simple migration process have made it a perfect choice for individuals to move and permanently settle there.

It is a promising country. Every year, hundreds of individuals apply to become permanent residents (PR) and obtain their PR cards in Canada. In essence, the number of actual immigrants in Canada is rising year after year. Every year, the Canadian government plans to welcome more people to become permanent citizens, and this number keeps rising!

Canada Permanent Residence

A permanent resident is a person who is granted permanent resident status in Canada upon immigrating. They are not Canadian citizens, but citizens of another country. A temporary visitor to Canada, such as a student or a skilled migrant, is not a permanent resident. Anyone may apply for Canada permanent residency, but only those who are eligible and fulfill certain criteria are accepted.

The advantages of obtaining permanent residency in Canada render migration to the nation attractive. It is a destination where you can achieve your ideal future both professionally and personally. Canada is an appealing move-in choice because of the work opportunities and other benefits available to permanent residents. Many immigrants work, live, and settle here after obtaining PR status, which provides them with a plethora of benefits and an optimistic future.

Future in Canada after getting a permanent resident status

Canada offers a bright future. You can avail several benefits once you get a PR status. Mostly, the PR cards are valid for five years. Here, we discuss what your future is in the country and the several benefits you can avail yourself post obtaining a PR status.

Employment opportunities – Canada’s economy is one of the largest in the world, and its employment market has been expanding in recent years. The unemployment rate in the country is at an all-time low, indicating that there are plenty of job opportunities. These opportunities are across various sectors including healthcare, oil and gas, construction, infrastructure, and technology.

Free education – Children of PR card holders can avail free education in the country. Primary, secondary, and higher education are three educational levels in Canada. The government is in charge of providing universal education till the twelfth grade. However, educational regulations and practices may differ significantly. It is determined by the region in which the nominee resides.

Besides that, when it comes to higher education, tuition fees for permanent residents are significantly reduced.

Free healthcare – This is one of the most important advantages for permanent residents in the country. They are entitled to free healthcare coverage that includes nearly all prescription medications. The government depends on premiums from government agencies and Canadian employers to cover these costs.

Right to work and live – You have the freedom to move to any province or jurisdiction in Canada once you have a PR. You are not bound by an organization, a profession, or even a territory.

The privilege of multiple entries – You can exit and re-enter the country as many times as you like if you have a PR visa card. In such cases, your PR card will serve as your travel certificate, proving that you are permitted to come back to the country at any time during the period prescribed. The advantages of a Canada PR visa enable all members of a family to relish equal privileges as Canadian citizens.

Starting a business – If you are a PR card holder, you have all the freedom to start your own venture in the country. You may start your own company, do business in partnership, or even purchase a franchise without becoming a Canadian citizen.

Social benefits – Immigrants in Canada can enjoy a variety of social benefits. In addition to a better quality of life and improved standard of living, the benefits also come in the terms of tax subsidies. Retirement insurance, disability compensation, and survivor support for deceased employees are some other examples of social benefits.

Canadian citizenship – Permanent Residency is granted by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for a period of five years. Immigrants, who have been physically present in the country for two years in a row, are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. Individuals who become Canadian citizens can enter politics, get the right to vote, and get access to better employment opportunities.

Family benefits – Your family members will be able to study, live, and work in the country as well if they obtain permanent residency status. Furthermore, if you are over the age of 18, you can sponsor some residents.

Safe environment – Canada is known as one of the safest travel destinations on the globe. The Best Counties ratings for the year 2020 were compiled by the US News & World Report, and Canada holds the second position.

PR card holders have all of the privileges to be secured by the government authorities. Individuals who prioritize security regard this as the most significant advantage of residing in Canada.


Permanent resident status in Canada is a highly desired immigration status, especially among Indians. PR status does not make you a Canadian citizen, but it does make you a Canadian resident. It is a declaration that acknowledges the Canadian government’s recognition of your prolonged stay in the country. You get a lot of benefits from this, including free education, healthcare, among other stuff.

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