Express Entry Will Now Target Category-Based Draws This Summer

Express Entry Will Now Target Category-Based Draws This Summer

The Canada Express Entry usually starts during the summer. The Canada immigration minister Sean Fraser made a historical and highly prevalent announcement regarding Canada express entry on May 31. The announcement highlighted that Canada will now follow category-based express entry. However, this does not necessarily mean that the general entry will be compromised. The category based entry will operate parallel to the general draws.

Category-Specific Express Entry Program in Canada

Let us know more about category-based express entry program canada. Canada is one of the best global countries for immigration. For decades, it has supported the general draw of immigrants, refugees and offered citizenship to the immigrants. Canada is also well known for its policy of providing the status of permanent residentship to the highest ranking candidates who apply to move into the country. The nodal agency that looks after immigration is IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). IRCC will now follow a category based program specific draw.

According to this new policy, Canada will now conduct category specific draws for highest ranking candidates who have a proficiency in the French language and specific niche based work experience in any ir multiple of the following categories:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)
  • The demand for STEM professionals is at a rising peak in Canada. The evolution of automation and technology globally enhances the demand for skilled technology professionals who can add as human resources in Canada’s tech labor force.
    Carpenters, Contractors and Plumbers

  • Agricultural or Agro-Food processing industry
  • Canada has an ample job vacancy that is somewhere between 3.9% to 7.2%. The forestry, fishing, agriculture, animal husbandry industry in Canada is well flourished and now need more qualified International professionals for a further boost. The British Columbia province has the maximum number of vacancies for this profession

  • Healthcare
  • The rise in jobs in the healthcare industry of Canada has become even more evident in the post-pandemic era. The healthcare and social assistance job category highly relies on the immigration population in Canada. IRCC has even loosened the barriers in Canada’s healthcare industry making it easier for professionals to join in.

  • Transport
  • The provinces of Alberta and British Columbia have the highest demand for skilled transport laborers and high ranking professionals. Thus Canada is prioritizing provision of permanent residentship and easy citizenship to the transportation industry workers who apply for an entry. The job vacay rate in the sector is close to 5%.

  • Trade
  • With a total of almost 30,930 vacancies in the wholesale trade sector, the Canadian government now wants entry of skilled workers who can enhance Canada’s trade market with a boost to the wholesale trades.

Back-Story of the Category Specific Draws in Canada

The reason Canada took up this policy was: It has now become the hub of immigration where people across the globe flock for a better lifestyle. Initially when the country had extended its immigration programs, the job market in Canada was not overloaded. However, now that the country already hosts a gigantic number of refugees, immigrants and high ranking professionals, the professional or corporate market is starting to get saturated. The categories mentioned above have sumptuous vacancies yet as of now. The job vacancy demographics of Canada demands these professionals for reducing the niche specific labor shortage in Canada.

The idea behind this type of category based draws is to support Canada's demand for skilled workers. Express entry can be complex. Know more about the express entry eligibility from the best immigration consultants in Ahmedabad. Get your Canada immigration visa as per the express entry Canada requirements.

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