Everything about Canada Immigration Level Plan 2022-24

Everything about Canada Immigration Level Plan 2022-24

The most immigration-friendly country known in the World. i.e. Canada announced its new Immigration Level plans for 2022-24.

Canada is looking forward to welcoming 4,32,000 immigrants as per the Immigration Level Plans 2022-24. To boost the post-pandemic growth of Canada, it is elevating the number of immigrants. This, in turn, would restore the labour shortage and ageing population of Canada.

According to Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, “This levels plan is a balance of needs for our country and our international obligations. It focuses on attracting skilled workers who will contribute to Canada’s economy and tackle the labor shortage while recognizing the importance of family reunification and helping the world’s most vulnerable populations through refugee resettlement. Our focus remains on supporting our economic resurgence through increased retention of newcomers in regions with real economic, labor, and demographic challenges. I’m proud of what Canada has achieved thus far, and I won’t wait to see how newcomers will continue to make Canada a top destination of choice.”

Estimated Data of the immigration level 2022-24

The immigration landings for the next three years is as follows:-

  • 2022- Around 4,31,645 Permanent Residents.
  • 2023- Around 4,47,055 Permanent Residents.
  • 2024- Around 4,51,000 Permanent Residents.

On the whole, around 1.3 million immigrants would be allowed within the period of 2022-24.

Reason for the rise in the immigration level 2022-24

There has been a considerable rise in the immigration level 2022-24. The following reasons back the rise:

  • Ageing population
  • Low birth rate
  • To support the country's labour shortage.
  • To support its population with more skilled people.
  • For family reunification
  • Provide humanitarian assistance
  • To support its Francophone heritage.
  • To overcome the effects of the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, there has been a labour shortage which can be resumed by permitting more immigrants.

Major highlights of New Immigration Levels Plan

The highlights include:-

  • Around 60% of the immigrants will be from the economic class. This number has been decided in consideration of the economic growth of the country.
  • Canada PR is provided to temporary residents who migrated through the time-limited pathways for essential workers. This has led to talent acquisition of those already in Canada.
  • By 2024 around 1.14% of the population of Canada will comprise the immigrants.
  • Refugee claimants employed in the healthcare industry, especially during pandemic will be granted permanent residence.

Different Pathways for immigration to Canada-

As discussed earlier that 60 % of new immigrants will arrive under economic class. For them, the pathways would be:-

  • Express entry – This programme aims to invite approximately 111,500 immigrants by the end of 2022.
  • Provincial Nominee Programme – This is the major programme for economic class immigrants with IRCC. Around 83500 immigrants are expected to be invited under this programme.
  • Temporary to Permanent residence stream (TR2PR)- Under this programme, around 40000 immigrants are expected to land in 2022.

Some Points Worth considering

  • To migrate to Canada and get Canada PR the process remains the same and the applicants need to fulfil the eligibility criteria for Canada PR.
  • The process can be well understood by any Canada immigration consultancy which provide adequate information about Canada PR eligibility, Canada Immigration PR, Canada PR Visa prerequisites, Canada PR visa process, Express entry requirements, Canada immigration Visa and much more.
  • They also provide information for Canada PR process for Indians.

Importance of Canada Immigration level plan 2022-24

The highlights include:-

  • Such announcement has come after a long period of two years. Previous plans were a part of the pandemic era which had limitations. The new plan has relieved certain rules, hence expecting a large number of immigrants.
  • This is the first plan announced by the new immigration minister Honorable Sean Fraser.
  • It has included TR to PR program also.
  • Family sponsorship target has increased manifold.
  • Will help overcome the previous years backlogs.

The bottom line

As IRCC is leaving no stone unturned in clearing the backlog, so it would be wise to apply for Canada PR at the earliest before the portal is overloaded with applications. The earlier you apply the sooner will you get a confirmation. So, with such massive immigration level set for the year 2022-24, it’s the best ever opportunity to apply Canada PR.

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