CELPIP – An Easy Way To Canada

CELPIP – An Easy Way To Canada

English or French language proof is required for Canada Immigration visas. IELTS and CELPIP are the only two English tests that are accepted by Canada for both immigration and citizenship. Not only Canada but, India, America, the UAE and the Philippines also accept CELPIP test score.
These tests are conducted to check the applicant’s English or French proficiency. All categories of immigrants need to give a language test.

Let’s Understand CELPIP

CELPIP or Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program is a new kind of test conducted to test the English proficiency of people immigrating to Canada.

There are two versions of CELPIP, namely:-

  • General test
  • General LS test

For Canadian immigration, General test is conducted.

Format of CELPIP

CELPIP Test is conducted to test the language proficiency in four sections:-

There are two versions of CELPIP, namely:-

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

All four tests are conducted within 3 hours.

CELPIP scoring pattern

One of the most important points to note is that the scoring depends on the category of immigration you fall into. For instance, a passing score for express entry requires you to gain a minimum of 7 marks in each section i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Therefore, make sure you check the scoring pattern before you head for the test. All details are given on the official website of the Canadian government.
Tip to score better- To get a higher score in CELPIP, check the score required in your desired Canadian immigration program. Being unaware of the scoring pattern of a particular category may land you into lower scores. Some immigration programmes demand higher speaking score while others go for a higher written score. So, check before you prepare and prepare accordingly.

Who all accept CELPIP?

CELPIP is accepted by:-

  • Canadian and provincial government
  • Canadian Universities and colleges
  • Canadian employers

CELPIP is accepted by CIC for Canada immigration in the following cases:-

  • When applying for permanent residence
  • When applying for Canadian Citizenship
  • In case of express entry
  • People immigrating for startups

For most of the PNPs

Is CELPIP difficult or easier than IELTS

Depending on certain factors CELPIP stands to be easier than IELTS for Canadian immigration. However, the difficulty level is not proven, as it depends on the immigrant’s intellectuality. Something easier for one might be difficult for the other one.

But depending on the majority of public reviews, CELPIP is easier. Let’s have a glance at the reasons promoting CELPIP to be easier than IELTS.

  • The processing of your immigration form tends to be quick if you are applying for Canadian immigration. While IELTS take a bit longer time to process the application. Because IELTS is conducted for multiple nations while CELPIP only for a few.
  • If you have spent time in Canada either as a visitor, student or worker, then CELPIP may be an added advantage. As you might be well-versed with the language spoken or written in Canada. In that case, a test specially designed for Canada would be a better option to go with.
  • CELPIP test accepts both American and British English spellings. Hence, people proficient in any of the two can get high scores.
  • CELPIP concentrates on how better the individual speaks or listens. Resultantly, people not good at writing can also get success at it.
  • Unlike IELTS, CELPIP is conducted digitally on computer or laptop. The majority population is comfortable in digital format. The present scenario calls for being proficient with the working of computers.
  • CELPIP fees is lesser than that of IELTS.
  • CELPIP Test is completed within 3 hours. While IELTS conducts the reading, writing and listening test on one day and speaking test on a different date.
  • Within 8 days you may get the CELPIP score. While IELTS take approximately, 13 days to declare the results.
  • CELPIP gives an option of ‘Express rating’, within which you can get your result within 3 days. But you need to pay extra to avail this facility.

The final words

On the whole, CELPIP seems to be easier for a majority of people. Corresponding to the fast-paced world, where people are leading a time-constraint life, a quick and easily accessible method is willingly adopted by a larger population. Taking into consideration the acceptance of American and British English, only 3 hours exam timings, quicker results, express rating system, low fees and all the factors listed above prove CELPIP to be easier and more convenient

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