Canada to ease covid-19 test requirements for travellers

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Are you planning to travel to Canada in this post-pandemic year 2022? If yes, then consider yourself lucky enough as Canada has relieved its COVID 19 test requirements for travellers.

As per the data obtained from the Canada Immigration consultants now entry to Canada is quite easier as compared to the pandemic era.

Travel instructions for fully vaccinated individuals

If you are fully vaccinated then no pre-entry test will be required for people travelling to Canada by land, air or water. All you need to do is follow pre-entry test requirements. The above-explained advantage will be in effect from April 1. Fully vaccinated individuals can travel to and fro from Canada without a pre-entry test.

How to qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller?

Given below are some criteria you need to fulfil to qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller to Canada:-

  • You must be vaccinated with at least two doses of a COVID-19 Vaccine or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
  • The 2nd dose of the COVID 19 vaccine must be administered to you at least 14 days before entering Canada.
  • Check your body temperature before proceeding with your travel.
  • Take essential precautions so as not to catch a cold or cough. Any visible signs of COVID 19 might hamper your travel to Canada.
  • Upload your Vaccination proof on Arrive CAN.

Important Note:-

With effect from April 1, 2022, no pre-entry test would be required for fully vaccinated individuals entering Canada by land, air and water.

Proofs required for a valid pre-entry test

Any individual travelling to Canada aged 5 years or above has to submit any of the given proofs:-

  • Negative Antigen Test- The travellers need to provide a negative antigen test administered professionally none less than a day before they entered Canada. The term professionally administered refers to the test done in a laboratory, pharmacy or any healthcare service by a medical practitioner. Self-tests are not applicable. The above-said test must have been done outside of Canada.
  • Negative Molecular Test- The travellers need to present a report of a negative molecular test done in an authorised laboratory or pharmacy. The test should be done at least 72 hours before boarding the flight.
  • Positive molecular test report (conducted at least 10 days before the departure of the flight and not before 180 days from the day of entering Canada)

Rules & Regulation for fully vaccinated travellers-

Post the COVID-19 vaccination drive the rules have been changed for fully vaccinated travellers.

If you are fully vaccinated then you need not go for any arrival testing. As you have already submitted your report of being negatively tested for COVID-19 at least 72 hours before the departure of your flight to Canada.

With effect from December 2021, the pre-entry testing for fully vaccinated travellers has ended.

Fully vaccinated only need to go for an arrival test if they are randomly asked to go for it. If they had already presented a positive COVID 19 molecular test report done at least 10 days before boarding the flight and not before 180 days from the departure time, are exempted from the arrival testing procedure.

Some tips for smooth travelling to Canada

While travelling to Canada in the post COVID era you need to know some tips to enjoy a smooth trip to Canada.

  • For arrival testing, you might be provided with a self-test kit. Make sure you do not open it until you are asked to do so. Otherwise, you might end up contaminating the sample or might get the wrong results. This might also result in delays in receiving your reports.
  • There are different types of test kits for different countries. Get this information in advance from your service provider.
  • Positive molecular test report (conducted at least 10 days before the departure of the flight and not before 180 days from the day of entering Canada) If you are driving between Alaska and the Continental United States select the option wherever asked.
  • Check your vaccine type as some countries do not accept mixed vaccines to be a proper double vaccination. So check the list of accepted vaccines and make sure you have received two of the same type.
  • If you are leaving Canada and planning to get back in a few days, do check the requirements for travelling back to Canada.
  • Check all the requirements with your service provider or Canada Immigration consultants or Canada Visa Consultants or Canadian immigration consultants in Ahemdabad or any Canada Immigration agency.
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