Benefits of Canada PR Visa

Benefits of Canada PR Visa

The number of immigrants to Canada is growing year on year. The country’s friendly atmosphere, rising economy, and simple immigration process have made it almost perfect for individuals to move and settle in the country permanently. The country is often referred to as a ‘paradise for immigrants’.

A permanent resident, or PR, is a form of immigration status in Canada. This is desired by many, especially Indians, as a PR status grants you plenty of abilities and legal rights in the country.

With PR status, a person is allowed to work and live freely in Canada. He/she can move between regions, change jobs, as well as sponsor his/her partner and dependent children to come to the country. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of Canada PR visa in this article:

Growing Economy

With a booming economy, the country’s job market has seen an increasing trend over the last few years. Canada’s unemployment rate is at a historic low, implying there are plenty of available jobs. This is one of the key reasons why Canada accepts so many new immigrants annually, else there might be a shortage of people to fill the vacancies.

Free Education

Canada also provides all children below the age of 18 with free education. This is up to Canadian high school education, i.e. for primary and secondary school studies. Sending your kids to reputed schools that teach innovative courses and all this for free may be a defining moment for the future of your family.

Besides that, the Canadian government also offers higher education subsidies for students. This is done to ensure that you and your family get the benefit of higher education and enjoy a good quality of life.

Free Healthcare & Medical Treatment

If you are a permanent resident of Canada, you would have access to the country’s free healthcare benefits. The country provides the best healthcare and medical services to PR’s, and they don’t need to invest even a thin dime. These services are also open for your family members if they have migrated with you.

Flexibility to Move Anywhere in Canada

As a permanent resident, you will have the legal right to work and live in any city in the country. For instance, if you are employed in Toronto and later find a better opportunity in Vancouver, you can freely move to the new city. As a PR, you are not bound to any specific employer or region.

Safe Country

According to the 2020 Global Peace Index, Canada holds the 6th position on the list of safest countries in the world. As a permanent resident, you can be confident that you and your family will be safe in Canada throughout your lives.

Diverse Culture

Canada is recognized as a multicultural and welcoming community that embraces immigrants from all over the world proudly. More than 1 in 5 individuals residing in Canada are actually immigrants and almost half the population in Toronto city comprises of first-generation immigrants.

Canadian Citizenship

If you want to get Canadian citizenship, gaining a permanent resident is only the first step. You will be able to become a Canadian citizen after you have physically lived in the country for three out of five years.

Your status as a permanent resident cannot be removed unless you break a law or you fail to perform your duty of citizenship. For two out of every five years, all permanent residents must remain in Canada, or they will not be able to renew their status.

Starting a Business

As a Canada permanent resident, you can start your own business with sole ownership, corporation, or partnership. You can also invest in a franchise, even if you are not a Canadian citizen.

Bottom Line

While several nations around the world are building barriers and restricting foreigners, Canada continues to welcome immigrants. The country offers multiple attractive benefits and support facilities to its immigrants and their families. Good standard of living, a booming economy, free education and healthcare, employment opportunities, etc. are some of the benefits you can avail yourself as a permanent resident. If you are looking for a community in which you and your family feel accepted and safe, Canada must be your preferred destination.

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